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Tube Cleaner Accessories

Brushes & Specialty Tools

Goodway is your source for high quality tube cleaner brushes. Goodway offers the broadest range of tube cleaning brushes and specialty tools available to match your specific tube cleaning need. From light scale and debris, to fully clogged tubes, our brushes and specialty tools can help you get your tubes working at top performance levels again.

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The ¡±PATRIOT®¡± Dual Diameter Nylon Brush

Straight Tube Wheel Brush Assembly

Stainless Steel Brushes

Spin-Grit Brushes

Plastic Brushes

Flexible Shafts (Nylon Casing)

Flexible Shafts (High Temperature Tolerant 232¡ãC Stainless Steel Casing)

Flexible Shafts (Heat Resistant 149¡ãC Rigid Covered Steel Casing)

Flexible Shafts (Covered Steel Casing)

Flex-Hone Abrasive Tools

Flex-Hone Abrasive Tools

Dual Diameter Spin-Grit Brushes

Drill Cone Assemblies

Double Cone Assembly

Disc Cone Assembly

Curved Tube Wheel Brush Assembly

Carbon Steel Brushes

Buffing Tools

Brass Brushes

Blue Nylon Brushes