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Magnetic Check Valves

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Magnetic Check Valves Mueller Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Magnetic check valve series offers the latest technology in valve design with DuraForm processing, a manufacturing method eliminating the use of braze materials for internal component installation. The result is a valve that can be installed with hard or soft solder and exhibits a near zero leak rate with exceptional performance characteristics.

Quality & Technical Information

  • Maximum working pressure (PS): Charted below
  • Working temperature range (TS): -40°F/300°F, -40°C/149°C
  • Compatible with all CFC, HCFC & HFC refrigerants & oils
  • UL/cUL Recognized, CE Certified
  • Built-in 30 mesh stainless steel screen
  • Internal components installed with DuraForm Technology
  • Mechanically formed solder cup stops for easy installation
  • Flexible for installation in vertical or horizontal position
  • Hermetically formed solid copper body assures zero leak potential